Riverbend Community
  • Area:  3.0 square kilometers (1.2 square miles)
  • Elevation:  1020 meters (3,350 feet)

Population and Dwellings

From the 2016 City of Calgary Civic Census

Riverbend Community Description

Riverbend is located in the southeast section of the city.  Its name comes from its location near a bend in the Bow River. Development of the community began in 1982.

Riverbend has three distinct landscapes: floodplain, escarpment and upland plain. The area offers excellent views of both the Rocky Mountains and the wooded flood plains.  

The community is also conveniently located near some of Calgary’s major roadways, including Glenmore Trail, Barlow Trail and Deerfoot Trail. 

Riverbend residents can take advantage of easy access to the city’s pathway system, as well as easy access to the Bow River. 

There are also numerous green spaces in the community which offer recreational opportunities. Riverbend is also home to both a public school (Riverbend School) and a separate school (Holy Angels School).

Carburn Park "The Hidden Jewel of Riverbend"

Riverbend Community hasknown about Carburn Park’s charms for years.  Created in the 1970's along the eastern banks of the Bow River , the park is named for Carburn Aggregrates, the name of the company that built the three ponds, which are the distinctive feature of the park. 

The ponds contain fish that attract a number of species of fish-eating birds including Belted Kingfishers and Great Blue Herons.  In the main river channel, diving ducks such as Common Goldeneye and Buffleheads are often sighted.

The ponds have a resident population of perch, which lures anglers from all over Calgary.  Fishing web sites list it as a great place to for families to drop a hook.

The upper part of the park is situated on the Porcupine Hills Formation bedrock, which is exposed along the escarpment, but most of the parkland is on deposited river gravel. Some of this gravel was mined and the remainder landscaped into its current form.

Riverbend Community:  Fencing Along 18th Street

Did you Know?

Our community is defined by 18th Street.  Along side 18th street are houses and homes that border our "main street'.  

Separating the homes from the street is a distinct set of fencing.

It is the home owners responsibility to maintain this fencing.  By doing so, it helps our community maintain its character, as one of the best maintained communities in Calgary.

Many times, the question arises - "I want to paint the fence, but, am not sure what the correct color to use - can you help me?".

To assist home owners - the correct answer is "Riverbend Titanic Grey".

This color can be obtained at the Riverbend Hardware and General Store.

As a home owner, please do your part by helping to maintain your fences if you happen to be one of the affected homes.  

It not only helps maintain the value of your property, but, the positive perception of our community !

Riverbend :  How to Build Community