Riverbend Community Development Review and Planning Committee

The Riverbend Community Association Development Review and Planning Committee (or Development Review Committee for short) monitors any/all projects that impact or could impact Riverbend.  

If you have any questions please contact the Riverbend Community Association for more information.

City Charter
City of Calgary General

Contextual Dwellings

Development Permits

Playground Projects and Refurbishments


  • South Hill - this is identified as a new community to be located on the NE corner of Riverbend

Quarry Park


Riverbend Area Structure Plan
Roads General
  • City of Calgary Road Closures
  • April 2017 - Calgary Roads removed the North crosswalk located at 18th Street and Riverview Close SE to encourage residents to use the South crosswalk.
  • July 2017 - City of Calgary fixes portions of south bound 18th Street from Rivervalley Drive to 21st Street.
  • August 2017 - A concern is raised about possible speed of traffic on Riverview Drive going in and out of Carburn Park.  RCA is investigating.
  • September 2017 - City of Calgary will be repainting crosswalks in Riverbend

    Secondary Suites

    A secondary suite is a separate living space created within a property originally designed to accommodate a single family. It is a private, self-contained unit that can take a number of forms including basement apartments, in-law suites, garden suites, and above-garage laneway units. 

    A secondary suite has its own bathroom, kitchen, living, and sleeping areas, but can share a number of features with the rest of the house. Shared facilities may include a yard, parking area, laundry and storage space, and sometimes a hallway.

    Possible PRO's
    • Can help to allow the home owner to keep their property in tough economic times .
    • Can provide more affordable housing choices.
    • Can enhance the value of a property.
    • Can make your home more affordable as a renter is paying part of the mortgage.
    • Allows for the deduction of certain expenses.
    • When done legally, and safely - can attract renters everywhere.
    • Make better use of the housing stock in areas where the population is declining.
    Possible CON's
    • Parking.
    • Property Maintenance.
    • Tenant/Landlord Issues.
    • Possible neighbor issues.
    • Most are currently illegal as they do not have the proper facilities, which in some cases also makes them unsafe.
    • Possible changes in traffic patterns.
    • Possible change to the character of a neighborhood.
    • Not having the owner live in one of the suites (making the property more of a defacto duplex).
    • Maintaining R-1 neighborhoods.
    • Landlord responsibilities including to but not limited to having to get a business license to allow review of possible problems.
    • If not implemented correctly, and without consideration of rules and regulations, could simply be creating a "mess".  One includes Community Standards By-Law.
    • Lack of Calgary By-Law Officers to enforce regulations.
    • With increased parking, there is also a possibility of problems with garbage and recycling pick-up.
    Additional Information

     Important Dates Regarding Secondary Suites
                              Motion Defeated.
                        Motion Defeated.
    Snow Bans

    Street Cleaning Schedule