Riverbend Community Casino Volunteerism

Approximately every 18 Months, RCA volunteers to participate in a fund raiser activity at a local Calgary based Casino.  

This event is particularly important as it helps bring in needed funds to the Community Association.

These funds are then used for a variety of purposes for the well being of our Community.

As was noted, the key ingredient that helps to make this event so successful are the people who volunteer their time and effort to make this such a huge success.

The following are the names of the people who have helped to do so.

Riverbend owes these people a note of thanks for all the hard work that they do in helping to make the lives of the people in our community better.

2017 Casino
  • Aaron Dyck
  • Aaron Weiss
  • Angela Wilhelm
  • Bart Grover
  • Bill Newnham
  • Brenda Hughes
  • Cassandra Ratke
  • Chris Edworthy
  • Chris Theisson
  • Dave Pennell
  • Derek McKenzie
  • Doreen Itaya (Munsie)
  • Douglas McLean
  • Douglas Ratke
  • Douglas Zimmer
  • Eldon Neustaeter
  • Frieda Wiebe
  • Ginny Fong
  • Greg Snider
  • Ina Carr-Bechthold
  • Jacci Saltzman
  • Jacquie Baranec
  • Jennie Hawes
  • Jill McNeil
  • Joe Jensen
  • Karen McKenzie
  • Keith Hogenson
  • Kelly Broszat
  • Kelsey Heather
  • Ken Itaya
  • Kim Willoughby
  • Laurie Heather
  • Lionel Lemire
  • Lori Winder
  • Margaret Moffat
  • Mark Winder
  • Mike Shilson
  • Naomi Schellenberg
  • Natalie Zacher
  • Pat Fryer
  • Priscila Snider
  • Rachelle Harvey
  • Rick Bechthold
  • Ron Harrison
  • Scott Willoughby