Riverbend Community Heroes
Sponsored By FCC/Toole Peete

The following is a list of people in our Community who have been awarded the Federation of Calgary Community Toole Peete Hero Award.  The winners have been nominated for this award by fellow volunteers, residents, or other individuals for their outstanding contributions to the community of Riverbend.

These people tirelessly and selflessly dedicated their time, energy and spirit of good will. The Huffington Post published an excellent article on "What is a Hero"? (1) and some of those thoughts have been captured in the following to explain the concepts better.

What is a "hero"? 

A hero is someone who “we” determine to have demonstrated behaviors and decisions that are ethically and emotionally worthy of our awe. We see in them something we think is not in us. Given similar conditions, we “think” we might not make the same moves and decisions they do, so we place them in an elevated place in society or in our minds. 

Someone who inspires us by their example. Someone who moves us emotionally to connect with them at some level in order for us develop a connection with them. We may want to idolize them or place them in high personal regard. We may want to connect with them in a personal way by focusing on them to garner their strength or will-power. We may also desire to possess them in order to gain hero status by way of a kindred association. 

A hero does not have to be some who dons a cape, or is able to leap tall building in a single bound.  But a hero is someone who stands up and through their contributions and efforts has helped make their community a better place

They did not think at the moments or during the episode, “if I do this, I will be loved and adored forever”. They simply did what was in them. They placed other people’s well-being before and above their own. 

Each of these heroes and many more garner from within themselves the unimaginable fortitude to change the lives of other with absolute sacrifice and unmitigated determination. 

The community of Riverbend owes a lot to these people, and as such wish to comment and acknowledge them for their contributions to our community.

  • David Crutcher 
  • Jim Duggan
  • Mission Hill Church (lead by Pastor Aaron Weis, and his great people)
  • Travis Perkorn (Sobey's, which is also one of the Gold Star Partners in Our Community)

    • Michelle Lambertn
    • Andrew and Wanda Stafiniak (Previous Owners of Riverbend General)
    • Holly Ratke
    • Rose Martin
    • Dave Pennell
    • Rose Martin
    • Dave Pennell
    • Bobbi-Jo Bergner (Owner of Mind's Design)
    • Alan Cuthbertson
    • Jill Brookwell
    • Douglas Ratke
    • Jill Brookwell           
    • Douglas Ratke           
    • Bobby-Jo Bergner (Owner of Mind's Design)
    • Cassandra Ratke
    • Shelley MacLellan
    • Marion Rooney
    • Larry Walper   
    • Debbie Bertrand
    • Neil Cocker       


(1)  "What Is A Hero". The Huffington Post. N.p., 2017. Web. 26 Feb. 2017.