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Contextual Dwellings: An Update

posted Jul 23, 2016, 8:28 PM by Douglas Ratke

City Administration has been requested by Calgary City Council to monitor and report on the use of Contextual Dwellings by the end of this year.

Contextual Dwellings are permitted housing developments that may be constructed in developed areas/neighbourhoods. Being 'permitted' means that these developments meet all the rules and requirements of the Land Use Bylaw without any relaxations to those rules and The City must approve these applications and issue a development permit.

You have expressed interest in receiving updates on the work we continue to do on Contextual Dwellings and the following is a recap of what we've been working on:

  • We have updated our website with a Contextual Dwelling report to engage the public;
  • Last month, along with the Federation of Calgary Communities (FCC), we jointly held a session to obtain input from community associations;
  • We've attended community association meetings; and
  • We've engaged in discussions with the industry.

We are continuing to request information and input to determine if any changes to contextual dwellings are required. Our team is also open to meeting with you on an individual basis should you wish to further discuss this topic.

For more information or to share your feedback, please contact:
Tammy Henry
Planner, Planning and Development