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Development Review and Planning Committee Updates: October 2017

posted Oct 11, 2017, 6:05 AM by Douglas Ratke   [ updated Nov 17, 2017, 8:28 AM ]

·       Concerns with Traffic near Carburn Park:  A concern has been raised by some residents with regards to the speed of traffic leaving and entering Carburn Park.  This is being investigated, and once we know more, additional information will be passed on.

·    Glenmore Trail/Ogden Interchange:  The major part of the work has been completed as pf July 19, 2017, and traffic is flowing nicely.  This has helped allow improve traffic as the interchange now allows passage over both of the railway tracks.  The reduced traffic speeds are expected to remain in effect till late 2017 to allow for clean-up of the area.

·     South Hill Community:  The City of Calgary is planning on putting a whole brand new community at South Hill.  This will be located on the NE portion of Riverbend, in what is now the “Mobile Home Park”.  As the area in question begins in Millican-Ogden, it will be designated as part of this community.  Having said that, Riverbend has a major stake in what it looks like, and as such, will be providing our input on behalf of residents.  The area in question can best be described for visualization purposes as an “upscale Inglewood Area”.

·    Removal of Playground at River Rock Manor:  At the time of its removal, Riverbend Community Association was not aware that it would be removed.  In talks with the City of Calgary, the decision was made due to potential safety and liability issues.  Currently, we are working with residents affected by the change to see what else we can do with the area in question.  Ideas include benches, another playground, etc.  If you have any input, please feel free to pass it on.


·    Riverbend Playground Updates:  Over the summer, work was completed on refurbishing the playground located at Riverside Close.  As part of this, the playground located at Riverside Mews was removed.  This was to consolidate it with Riverside Close.  Instead, a refurbished green/rest area will be put there.  In addition, the playground at River Rock Manor was removed due to safety concerns.  We are currently looking at options to replace with something in keeping with it being a playground, but, have not determined what that looks like yet.


·     Fencing Along 18th Street:  A number of residents have started to rebuild the fences on their property, and as such, we would like to hank and acknowledge their efforts.  The new fences look great and greatly add to the beauty of our community.

·     BRT Work on 18th Street:  Work has started on the BRT Stop located on the East side of 18th Street by Riverglen Drive.  When completed, we will see a BRT Stop (as noted); a slight expansion of 18th Street on the West side to allow for a small BRT Lane only just prior to the South bound lights; and, relocation of the meridian located there that holds the light post slightly West as well.


·     Concerns about CBE Signage in Riverbend Park:  Recently, the CBE put up some signage that lead concerned residents to believe that a new school would be built there.  After investigation, it was determined that there are no plans and that the CBE was simply putting up signs that should have been up years ago, but were never installed.  While the timing may seem unusual, it is thought it has more to do a “catch-up effort”.  Should things change, we will keep residents posted.  As our largest park, our aim is to preserve it.

·     Flashing Crosswalk Sign on 18th Street:  Currently, this is the only uncontrolled intersection in Riverbend, and has the source of debate in the past.  Many people have indicated that it would be great to get a set of lights at this location as it would enable people living on either side of 18th Street the ability to enter 18th Street.  This past month, we had an incident that was fortunately avoided.  A young mom was crossing with her child, when a car travelling North from Quarry Park almost hit her.  The incident was avoided but left the young mom somewhat traumatized.  As well, the City removed the North crosswalk in an effort to encourage people to use the South crosswalk.  As such, we have been asked to look into what we can do to improve the situation here.

·    Secondary Suites:  At this time, the City of Calgary still does not have a good Secondary Suite policy in place.  Once the Civic Election is complete, and depending on who gets in on Council, it is expected to be an issue again.  In 2015, the City of Calgary tried to unilaterally make 4 inner City Wards Secondary Suite havens as s solution.  However, Riverbend was against this approach as we were not even consulted.  Having said that, Riverbend is generally in favour of the concept – if done the right way and for the right reasons.  What we were not and continue to be against is making changes without forward thinking on the issues that would need to be addressed as part of this process.  Issues include Community Standards By-Law Improvements; Garbage Collection; Traffic; Occupancy by the Home Owner; etc.  As such, what we were against in 2015 is the ill-thought out approach and poor legislation that been done simply for the sake of “getting something in place”.

·     Fluoride in the Water:  Another issue that has arisen is one to re-add fluoride back to our water. In the past, Calgarians voted to eliminate this.  Part of the reason it is arising again is the economy.  With many people out of work, it is harder for them to go to the dentists.  So, one possible idea to at least help minimize trips to the dentists may be re-adding fluoride.  There are arguments both and against.  Riverbend will continue to monitor the situation and advise residents as the situation transpires.

·    Green Bins:  All residents should have received their green recycling bins by now.  So, what goes in a green cart?  All food, yard waste and pet waste goes in the green cart.  As well, in some cases, you will see changes to your pickup schedule as both the green and blue bins are picked up on one day, and the black bins on another day.

Douglas Ratke