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Riverbend Fences

posted Mar 11, 2017, 10:05 PM by Douglas Ratke

Though it may seem a little early, it might be worthwhile to talk about fences in our community.

The internet is full of really god tips and tricks articles on how to maintain your fence.

Technically, fences and their upkeep are covered under the City of Calgary Community Standards By-Law.

Having said that, a number of people think that the fences on 18th Street are the responsibility of the City of Calgary, but, they actually fall on private property.

One of the things that give Riverbend its character is the fencing along 18th Street.  It is one of the most distinctive features of our community.

Not only does it define the Community, but, in many ways, it gives people its first impression of the community.

In the past, the Community has put forward volunteer labour to paint the fences.  All that was needed was supplies.  If there was enough interest, we would certainly be willing to look into doing this again.

As a homeowner, what can you do to help, whether your fence is along 18th Street or not.

" Replace rotten boards.  Or, if you have a chain link fence, repair anything that needs repairing.

" Maintain the area around the fence by removing overgrown weeds, and grass.

" Paint the fence.  Many home owners are not aware that on some houses, there are conditions attached to the house as far as even its color.  

Interesting enough, some years back, it was identified that the color of the fence has a actual paint name.  The actual color, which is also seen on our website is "Riverbend Titanic Gray", or simply Titanic Gray.  You should be able to get that color of paint from the Riverbend General Store located here in Riverbend.

They also supply a wide range of paint and paint supplies.

" If you ambitious, you could power wash your fence.  But, even if you don't power wash it, you can simply wash it down with a hose.

" Fix/repair any loose nails or screws.

Together, we can help keep our community beautiful for our families, each other, and our community at large.