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U-Turns on Calgary Roads

posted Dec 14, 2017, 11:26 AM by Douglas Ratke


A Ward 12 resident contacted Councilor Shane Keating’s office concerned that there wasn’t ‘no u-turn’ signage at controlled intersections, yet residents are being pulled over and ticketed.

If this is a public safety issue should proper signage be posted?


According to Alberta Transportation (U-Turns): since it is already stated in the rules; we don’t sign; especially signalized intersections.


A U-turn is done by turning your vehicle around at an intersection to go in the
opposite direction by using oncoming lanes.
Do not do a U-turn unless you can do  it safely. 

U-turns are not permitted:

  • at an intersection controlled by a traffic  control signal (traffic lights) unless permitted by a traffic control device 
  • where a sign prohibits U-turns

In urban areas U-turns are not permitted:
  • on a roadway between intersections 
  • at an alley intersection 
  • at an intersection where one or more of the roadways is an access to a public or private parking lot which the public can access