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Updates on New South Hill Community to be located at NE Corner of Riverbend

posted Jun 28, 2016, 3:55 PM by Douglas Ratke

If you weren't able to attend the open house on June 22nd, you can review the information that was presented here: information panels, draft South Hill Station Area Plan, draft Developed Areas Guidebook and draft Mixed-Use District.

If you haven’t already, kindly fill out a feedback form to let us know what you think.

About South Hill Station Area

South Hill station will be located adjacent to the CP Rail line at the end of a new avenue called 84A Avenue S.E. The at-grade station will serve residents of Riverbend and become a major transportation hub that will connect Calgarians from many other parts of the city. Users of the Green Line will be able to use this station to connect to amenities including The Glenmore Inn, the nearby industrial area and the South Hill Community Activity Centre.

This station has been identified for transit oriented development (TOD). A new station plaza will become the centrepiece of a new mixed-use development. The station’s function as a major transportation hub will mean that new pedestrian and cycle connections will be built in the area to connect the community of Ogden under the Glenmore Trail interchange.

There is no park and ride facility planned but major bus transfer terminal will be part of this station.

You can also find a copy of similar information here: .