2017 Riverbend Community 

Annual Stampede Breakfast

July 9, 2017


Thank You Residents of Riverbend !

Riverbend Community would like to thank first and foremost 

the residents of Riverbend Community for joining us this year, 

and helping us make this one of the best events ever !

Comments We Heard

"This is the best Breakfast ever.  Thank you for all your work."

"I am so proud to live in Riverbend with such a great event!"

"Wow - I thought last year was good - but this year topped it."

Thank You To Our Honored Guests !

Cst. Michael Horn, RCMP (representing the Federal Government in Canada's 150 Anniversary)

MLA Brandy Payne, Provincial Government, NDP

Mayor Naheed Nenshi, City of Calgary

Councilor Ward 12 Shane Keating, City of Calgary

Thank You to Those Companies who Contributed

Dollars, Volunteers, Prizes, Give-Aways or all of the afore noted items

A&W - for their contributions of prizes and gifts

City of Calgary Fire Department - for the Fire Trucks

City of Calgary Police - for the Police Cars and Coloring Books

Councilor Shane Keating, Ward 12 - for his donation

Ecco Recycling - for their generous donation of mulch, and for the their generous cash contribution

Joy and Vitality (Quarry Park) - for their contribution of give-aways

Jugo Juice (Quarry Park) - for their jugo-juice give-aways

Kumon Math - for their donation of prizes and give-aways

Liquor Depot Riverbend - for the donation of a give-away

McDonald's Riverbend - for their donation of the Orange Drink

Mission Hill Church - for their donation of volunteers, the sound, and the entertainment, and a cash donation

Quarry Park Law (Quarry Park) - for their donation of volunteers

Remington Development - for their generous cash donation

Riverbend Station - for their generous donation/support of the sausages

Riverbend Community Board Members - for volunteering

(Douglas (Event Team Lead), Walter, Sarah, Herb, Rita)

Riverbend Community Association Current Staff / Previous Staff - for volunteering

(Frieda, Casandra, Brian, Holly, Shelby) 

Rivertown Toastmaster Criers - for their donation of volunteers

Royal Bank Riverbend - for their donation of volunteers

Shopper's Drug Mart (Ogden/Riverbend) - for their give-aways

Sobey's Riverbend - for their donation of food

Sport Clips Riverbend - for the give-aways

Team Krebs Riverbend - for the donation of volunteers

Thank you to Lena !

Riverbend would also like to thank Lena, a young Calgarian, who attended the Breakfast.

Lena amazed the audience by getting up on stage, to share her singing talents with Riverbend.  

What is amazing is that this was one of those spur of the moment things that was unrehearsed.  

It is hard enough for an adult to do this, but, 

to see such a young and talented young lady is even more amazing.  

Thank you for sharing your your young singing talents with us as it helped to make

our Stampede Breakfast even more special.

As a token of our thanks Riverbend Community, and in partnership with A&W,

Riverbend Community Association

presented Lea with an A&W Root Bear at Special Ceremony

to thank you and commend her young courage !

*** A young star is born ***

See you next year on July 8, 2018 !