New Tim Hortons

The Tim Hortons located in Riverbend opened in 1992 and has been a part of the community for 29 years. It has traditionally undergone renovations at 10 year anniversaries and the upcoming 30 year mark has Tim Hortons, the landlord, city and our community collaborating together for redevelopment. This redevelopment means to demolish and construct a new building with a drive thru at the current Tim Horton's location.

Quick facts:

  • Proposed construction schedule: summer/fall 2021 demolition, construction start, and a spring 2022 re-opening

  • Tim Horton's typically have two sizes to accommodate 30-36 seating (2450 & 2650 sq ft. models)

Unique requirements brought forward by current Tim Horton's guests and members of the community association:

  • Prominent entrance focal point and sufficient, convenient parking (revised main entry location and dedicated parking)

  • Enough seating for 50 guests (building size increased to 3000 square feet to accommodate this seating

  • Opportunity for patio seating (restaurant will commit to restaurant seating to accommodate 12 or more guests at patio)

Below are the original site plan and revised site plans.