Ward Boundaries Review 2020-21

October 2020 Update

On October 5, 2020 City Council gave second and third reading to Bylaw 23M2020 to implement ward boundaries (see approved map here). Riverbend will be joining Ward 11. This means that City Councillor candidates elected to office in the October 18, 2021 General Election will represent constituents within the new ward boundaries.

More information on the ward boundary review process can be found at: https://engage.calgary.ca/wardboundaries.

June 2020 Update

New ward boundary recommendations have been released. In the options previously presented, Riverbend would have joined Ward 9, either on it's own or with Quarry Park and Douglasglen. In the new recommendation, Riverbend, Quarry Park and Douglasglen join our neighbors to the West including Acadia, Fairview and Maple Ridge in Ward 11.

The recommended scenario improves population parity between the wards for the 2021 term of Council, reflects public input and includes boundary changes in alignment with the Policy. Review the Returning Officer’s recommended ward boundaries (item 11.2.1, June 15 Combined Council meeting agenda).

First reading of the bylaw to enact changes to ward boundaries will be considered on July 20. This meeting will include an opportunity for members of the public to provide their written input, or speak to Council directly about the recommended boundaries. Information about how to participate can be found here.

Information on the ward boundary review process may also be found at: https://engage.calgary.ca/wardboundaries.

March 2020

City of Calgary is conducting a review of Ward Boundaries. The Riverbend Community Association would like to highlight our position on the proposed revisions to Ward 12 boundaries and how that will affect Riverbend.

We strongly believe that any changes to ward boundaries need to ensure that Riverbend continues to be grouped with Quarry Park and Douglas Glen. Since 2012, when the 18th Street extension was built, Riverbend has been well connected to our neighbours to the south. Our residents work and access services and businesses in both Douglas Glen and Quarry Park in a far greater frequency than those in Ward 9. The activities going on in Quarry Park and Douglas Glen communities are more relevant and impactful to Riverbend Residents than activities going on north of Glenmore trail. These issues include the South Hill LRT station, development in Quarry Park and Douglas Glen, and traffic on 18th and 24th streets from Douglasglen through our community.

We propose that Riverbend continues to be grouped with these geographically and demographically similar communities. We believe, when community issues and needs are aligned across the ward, we can be sure that Riverbend's priorities are reflected in ward decisions. Further, we believe that Riverbend, through its community centre building, is able to support broader community engagement within the ward by offering programs, events and rental opportunities to our neighbours in Douglas Glen and Quarry Park who do not have a community facility.

As such, Riverbend Community Association does not support Option A in the 2020 boundaries review. Our preference would be to keep the boundaries as they are, but if changes are required, Option B, which keeps Riverbend, Douglas Glen and Quarry Park together, would be preferred. We believe there’s a lot of value in maintaining consistency and established relationships instead of continuingly moving wards back and forth.

What can you do? Have your voice heard on this important matter!

Write a letter to our current Ward 12 Councillor- Shane Keating’s office.

Thank you!

Riverbend Community Association- Board of Directors


Riverbend is currently part of Ward 12

Option A

In this option Riverbend would be moving to Ward 9

Option B

In this option Riverbend would be moving to Ward 9, but together with its neighbors