Roads & Transportation

  • New bus shelters along 18th Street are almost completed
  • The construction of bus queue jump lane on southbound 18th street will conclude in upcoming weeks
  • The MAX Teal Line will start November 19, 2018 with service every 18 minutes during peak hours (6:30 - 9 a.m.) an every 20 - 25 minutes during off-peak hours.
  • See full route of the new BRT line

Check out new Max Teal Line trip planner and other details at:

Traffic on 18th Street

Councillor Shane Keating - Ward 12 -Facebook post May 29 at 1:17pm:

18th Street is the major roadway going through Riverbend. With growth in Quarry Park there has been an increase in cut-thru traffic going through the community. Over the last number of years there have been significant upgrades to 24th Street. One of the major upgrades is the opening of the new Glenmore/Ogden interchange.

Despite these upgrades, traffic patterns do not appear to be moving. The 2017 traffic volume maps show that 18th Street sees 21,000 vehicles per day at the south end of Riverbend and 43,000 vehicles per day at the north end. Meanwhile 24th Street sees 11,000 vehicles per day at the south end of Quarry Park and 5,000 vehicles per day at the north end.

24th Street is a better option for cut-thru traffic, but we need to find ways to encourage that traffic to move in that direction. I've been speaking with Riverbend Community Calgary and here are two of the best ideas that I have heard thus far:

1.Put in a set of lights at 18th Street and Riverview Close. An additional set of lights would not only help residents in that area of the community, but it would also add an additional slow-down for traffic cutting thru on 18th.

2. Re-examine the duel left turn lane at the intersection of 18th Street and 24th Street. This duel left turn has been in place for a few years now. If the goal is to move traffic on to 24th Street, I'm not sure a duel turn here makes sense.