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Fencing along 18th Street

It is the home owners responsibility to maintain fencing which helps our community maintain its character as one of the best maintained communities in Calgary. To ensure consistent look of the community a color Riverbend Titanic Grey has been selected for painting of fences. This color can be obtained at the Riverbend Hardware and General Store (located in the Riverbend Centre: Unit 330, 8338 18 St SE ).


Quarry Park


Riverbend Area Structure Plan

Sofina Chicken Processing Plant: Currently, the old Lilydale Plant is located in Ramsay, and has long been a source of irritation. The plant was later purchased by Sofina Foods, who are currently negotiating a land swap with the City to relocate it to Dufferin Industrial Park, which is located east of Riverbend. The new plant promises to be one of the most modern of its kind and will be built with all current regulations in mind.

Proposed Future South Hill Community