Riverbend Playgrounds

  1. RIV 846 6 Riverside Cl. S.E. (2017- Rated as Excellent)
  2. RIV 861 99 Riverglen Way S.E. (2011- Rated as Good)
  3. RIV 866 9 Riverwood Ci. S.E. (2015 -Rated as Good)
  4. RIV 875 37 Riverwood Cr. S.E. (2010- Rated as Fair)
  5. RIV 883 84 River Rock Rd. S.E. (1992- Rated as Fair)
  6. RIV 886 35 Rivercrest Cr. S.E. (1993- Fair)
  7. RIV 884- 44 River Rock Manor SE (1993 -Partly removed; remainder rated as Fair)
  8. RIV 880 -181 Riverview Circle SE (1993 -Rated as Poor; scheduled for replacement in 2019)
  9. RIV 843 15 Riverbirch Road SE (2011- Fair)
  10. RIV 844 -27 Riverbend Drive SE (1988- Rated as Fair)

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Riverbend Playgrounds Taskforce

Two community playgrounds (at River Rock Manor and Riverside Mews) have been partially or completely removed in 2017 as part of the City of Calgary Playground Optimization Program. Some of the playground equipment was no longer meeting Canada Safety Association Standards. From the 10 remaining community playgrounds:

  • 1 is rated as Excellent
  • 2 are rated as Good
  • 6 are rated as Fair
  • 1 is rated as Poor

River Rock Manor playground will have temporary smaller pieces installed until we can determine next steps. Playground in the SW corner of Riverbend, by Riverview Circle is slated to be replaced this year.

In addition, the playground by Riverbend School is scheduled for removal as early as Spring 2020. For more information please see Riverbend School Council website

We are striking Playgrounds Taskforce in order to engage the community and make decisions about next steps for our community playgrounds.

If you would like to participate please complete the online form.

2018 - Riverbend Playground Presentation (City of Calgary).pdf

Copy of the presentation from City of Calgary to the Riverbend Community Association from March 2018