Riverbend Playgrounds

  1. RIV 846 6 Riverside Cl. S.E. (2017- Rated as Excellent)

  2. RIV 861 99 Riverglen Way S.E. (2011- Rated as Good)

  3. RIV 866 9 Riverwood Ci. S.E. (2015 -Rated as Good)

  4. RIV 875 37 Riverwood Cr. S.E. (2010- Rated as Fair)

  5. RIV 883 84 River Rock Rd. S.E. (1992- Rated as Fair)

  6. RIV 886 35 Rivercrest Cr. S.E. (1993- Fair)

  7. RIV 884- 44 River Rock Manor SE (1993 -Partly removed and supplemented with used equipment; remainder rated as Fair)

  8. RIV 880 -181 Riverview Circle SE (1993 -Rated as Poor; replaced in 2019)

  9. RIV 843 15 Riverbirch Road SE (2011- Fair)

  10. RIV 844 -27 Riverbend Drive SE (1988- Rated as Fair)

Playgrounds Taskforce Updates

The group of dedicated volunteers from Riverbend Community Association Playground Taskforce has been working with City Parks representatives to ensure a sustainable plan for Riverbend playgrounds is put in place.

We learned that City’s typical budget is to replace maximum one playground per year, for the total cost of no more than $75,000 (including structure and labour). City Parks representatives suggested that with community fundraising it may be possible to replace more than one playground per year. Additional community funding would also allow community residents to have a greater say in the playground design. We would be able to design themed playgrounds instead of relying on City’s standard designs.

There are ten city playgrounds and two school playgrounds in Riverbend. A review and assessment was made of all the current Riverbend playgrounds and the Taskforce looked at playground planning for the next five years. Though no final decisions will be made until further community consultation, please see some of the updates and recommendations:

Riverview Circle (RIV880)

Replaced in 2019

River Rock Manor (RIV884)

City of Calgary Parks Infrastructure secured smaller pieces of playground equipment (still in good condition) refurbished existing benches and picnic table.

Though the city provided some used equipment for this playground, given the size and unique set up of the park (cycling paths and lots of trees) and lack of active playgrounds for older kids, it's suggested that consideration be given to putting this playground on a replacement list for 2024. An activity based themed playground (climbing, parkour or ninja style) geared toward older children is recommended.

Rivercrest Crescent (RIV 886)

Though this playground was built in 1993 it is still in very good condition. Recommendation is that no changes be made to this playground in the near future but it is to be placed on replacement list after 2024.

River Rock Drive (RIV 883)

It's suggested this playground be a high priority replacement project and put on the 2020 replacement list. City funds could be used to replace the old and run down equipment with new play structures and a tandem swing geared towards 2 to 12 age group.

Riverbend Drive (RIV 844)

This is the oldest playground in Riverbend, built in 1988, but still rated as in ‘fair’ condition. Suggest this playground be placed on the replacement list for 2021. It is a large playground in a high traffic area, lots of trees and a lot of possibilities to build a very nice and unique playground. The committee recommends in addition to City funding that fundraising be done to replace this playground with a "nature" theme playground for toddlers to 12 year olds.

Riverside Mews (RIV851)

The city has removed the former play structure, placed grass and paved some of the area. Recommendation is to install a small play structure, such as a climbing rock, that could be easily installed and would blend into the landscape. Consideration should also be given to possible adult play infrastructure like a table with checker boards. Recommendation is these projects be considered on 2023 replacement list.

The above recommendation was presented at 2019 Annual General Meeting and was endorsed by the community members in attendance.

Both school playgrounds were replaced in the summer of 2020.

Riverbend Playgrounds Planning- July 2019.pdf