The Year of Celebrations!

RCA turns 35 and the community of Riverbend turns 40 this year! We are excited to share the history of RCA and of Riverbend. If you have any info, photos and other materials that you would like to share, please reach out to us at

RCA has a volunteer opportunity for residents of Riverbend! We are seeking individuals to help us with hosting our Year of Celebrations! There are many roles to choose from, including games supervisor, gift bag table, and more! Read details by clicking the button below!


Fall 2022 Programs

Volleyball Team

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Pilates With Yoga

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Yoga For Beginners

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18th ST Adaptive Bike Lane Pilot Project

The City of Calgary has announced 18th ST Adaptive Bike Lane Pilot Project for three blocks on 18th Street effective August 19 and running until September 12. Details can be found on City of Calgary website...

From our 2021 Community Engagement survey, “Addressing Traffic Concerns” was identified as an important issue by 68% of residents so we know this topic matters to our community.

Some great ideas have surfaced regarding reducing cut-through traffic on 18th Street, and we’ll bring them to Ward 11’s attention (eg. adjust turning lights at 24th Street to encourage more cars to take 24th Street to Glenmore, install traffic lights at Riverwood Circle/Riverview Close, address traffic circle concerns on 24th Street).

Thank you for all your feedback sent through social media, email and drop-ins to the Community Centre. Our volunteers are doing their best to read all comments to better advocate for Riverbend residents. Please continue to provide your feedback and questions directly to the Ward 11 office at or City of Calgary via the ‘Feedback button’ on the project website or by submitting a 311 online request

We have asked the City of Calgary to revise their website so it properly addresses RCA’s (non)involvement in this pilot project. As we have stated, RCA has been advocating for traffic safety measures in our community, however we were not involved in this pilot project. The City of Calgary has now implemented this change

Community Beautification

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