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Happy Anniversary RCA!

Riverbend Community Association was founded on May 4, 1987. Next year, we will be celebrating our 35th anniversary! We would like to gather historical photos of the community and the community centre and we are asking for your help! If you have any slides or old photos that feature the community centre building, our community, Carburn Park, any community events please send them our way at

Click here for a glimpse of history of our beloved Carburn Park. Thank you Ken Schultz for sharing your historical photos!

Kids Summer Soccer Program

We partnered with SD Serbia Sports Club Association and Calgary Minor Soccer Association to bring the Kids Summer Soccer Program back to Riverbend!

The program focuses on soccer skills development, will be run by qualified coaches and is available to kids age 5 to 15! See details and register online.

18th Street Refresh Project Update

In early April we sent letters to 93 Riverbend residents who own 18th Street fences to ask them to complete a survey whether they are interested in working with other homeowners to get a group quote on painting or reconstructing their fence. We are collecting responses and compiling a contact list. If you own a fence on 18th Street and haven’t completed the survey, we would greatly appreciate your feedback using the button below. For more information click here.

Community Clean Up Event

We are excited to announce the return of the Community Clean Up event. Riverbend Community Association is partnering with our neighbours Milican-Ogden Community Association to deliver the event for both communities. For all event details and a list of accepted and not accepted items, please click here.

Pathway Painting Party

We are very excited to add some fun on our community pathways! We identified 10 locations around Riverbend and are looking for 5 volunteer teams (2-3 people each) with a truck to paint colorful activity stencils on the pathways.

All supplies will be provided. Each team will have about 90 minutes to paint 5-6 stencils in two locations. Great opportunity for some family weekend fun! See photos of the awesome stencils below and more details here.

All-Season Rink Makeover Project

Our small but mighty team of volunteers has been working hard for the last several months. Even though there’s been no visible changes at the site a lot has happened in the background!

We partnered with Three Peaks Consulting who are coordinating engineering design for the project. A geotechnical study of the site has been completed and provided important considerations for the engineering team working on the design drawings for the concrete slab that will replace the current warped asphalt surface. We solicited quotations from many vendors which were needed to submit four grant applications to secure funding for the project.

We are hoping to hear back about grant applications by the end of June and are optimistic that construction will be starting later in the summer. Stay tuned for regular project updates.

Community Centre Updates

After so many months of lockdown we are very excited to partially reopen at the time of the publication and hoping to be fully open soon! Community Centre has undergone several renovations including: replacement/ refinishing of all flooring, replacement of all appliances, brand new furniture, kitchen and bathroom upgrades and many more. Make sure to check out the virtual tour of the facility here!

Support your community by hosting your next event at our fabulous looking community centre! We are now accepting facility booking requests online!

Join RCA Team!

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  • Wanting meaningful work experience for your resume

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  • Looking for an opportunity to work with a professional and qualified team!

Whether you're recently graduated, unemployed or currently working but looking to the future, we have some excellent opportunities to build your resume and position yourself for a successful future.

RCA is innovative, tech-savvy and local. Join a team where you can make a visible difference in your own community! Click on the link here to learn more.


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