Outdoor Rink

Update - May/June 2022

Last month we got the rink lights replaced with new LED lights. Thank you to the ENMAX Energizing Spaces grant for supporting this part of the project!

A keen group of volunteers started the demo of the old rink structures.

Thank you to Recon Metal and ECCO Recycling for donating the bins and accepting the debris for free!

Left to right: MLA- Tanya Fir, RCA Treasurer- Stuart Russell-Gibson, RCA President- Olga Maciejewski, RCA Director, Volunteer Resources- Natalia Gonzalez

Update - April/May 2022

We have some great news to share this month! We received a funding exception from the Parks Foundation and we will be able to access the $60,000 award. Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to receive donations for the project via Parks Foundation for which private donors were previously able to obtain tax deductible receipts. Thank you to Ward 11 office for all their support with this item!

We also heard back from the Community Facility Enhancement Grant and we were successful in our application for $125,000. Special thanks to MLA Tanya Fir for advocating for our project!

Given these positive updates, we are very excited to announce that the Riverbend All-Season Rink Makeover Project is officially a go! Project planning has already begun and we will be bringing detailed updates as the project unfolds.

  • The outdoor rink was built in the early 1990s and due to its deteriorated and damaged condition can no longer be safely used by the community neither in winter nor during other seasons.

  • We have not been able to flood the rink for two seasons. The existing asphalt surface is too warped to be used safely for playing basketball, roller skating or other games. Furthermore, the rink has been recently vandalized and part of the boards have been set on fire.

  • The estimated cost of the project is $450,000.

  • The reason for such a high cost is because the warped asphalt surface needs to be replaced with a concrete slab. The geotechnical study determined that the rink is located on unstable ground and extra compacting of gravel will be required to prepare the ground for pouring of the concrete slab. The estimated cost of that part is about $300,000

  • The remaining about $150,000 include rink boards, basketball nets, goalies, and other all-season components

  • A geotechnical study of the site has been completed. The City of Calgary Engineering Consulting Program has completed engineering design and specifications for the project. The bid was issued to identify a general contractor for the project.

  • Our volunteers spent hundreds of hours completing grant applications to secure funding for the project. To date we submitted 9 grant applications to numerous granting agencies and we were successful in receiving 5.

  • CTV and LiveWire have published stories about our situation

Outdoor Skating Rinks

  • The outdoor skating rinks are usually available between December and February.

  • There are two skating rinks available: Hockey rink (fenced) and pleasure rink.

  • No hockey sticks or nets are allowed on the pleasure rink.

  • Both rinks are maintained exclusively by a group of volunteers.

  • Please check our Facebook page for updates about rink accessibility.

Skating Rinks

Skating rinks are CLOSED until they are replaced