Skating Rinks

  • We have a small but mighty team of volunteers ready to lead the replacement project of the community outdoor rink. We will ensure that the space is designed for multipurpose uses so community members can enjoy it throughout all the seasons.

  • We partnered with Three Peaks Consulting who are coordinating engineering design for the project.

  • A geotechnical study of the site has been completed. The City of Calgary Engineering Consulting Program has completed engineering design and specifications for the project. The bid was issued to identify a general contractor for the project.

  • We spent hundreds of hours completing applications for 8 grants - we heard positive news from 3 grants, negative news from 2 and we are still waiting for the response from 3.

  • Sadly, we still don’t have enough funding to be able to start the construction.

  • This means, we will not have the skating rink second year in a row

  • We are hoping to hear from the remaining grants by Dec 31, 2021

  • Once funding is secured we will be able to start construction in the spring as everything else is ready to go!

The estimated cost of the project is $450,000. You can support the project by making a donation via Parks Foundation towards 'Riverbend Rink' project. All donations over $50 will receive a tax deductible receipt.

Outdoor Skating Rinks

  • The outdoor skating rinks are usually available between December and February.

  • There are two skating rinks available: Hockey rink (fenced) and pleasure rink.

  • No hockey sticks or nets are allowed on the pleasure rink.

  • Both rinks are maintained exclusively by a group of volunteers.

  • Please check our Facebook page for updates about rink accessibility.

Skating Rinks

Skating rinks are CLOSED for the season