Riverbend Connects

To submit a story for Riverbend Connects please contact communications@riverbendcommunity.ca

To advertise in Riverbend Contects please contact Great News Media

We are looking for high resolution (min 300dpi) photos of Riverbend community for the following themes:

  • Spring

  • Summer

  • Fall

  • Early winter/ Remembrance Day

  • Holiday season

  • Winter

Photos can be of scenery, nature, animals, activities. Any photos featuring closeups of people will require a signed photo release consent (contact us for a form). Email submissions to communications@riverbendcommunity.ca


Additional content that did not make it to the printed publication is available at Great News Media website.

  • Riverbend Crime Statistics

  • Babysitters List

  • Real Estate statistics

  • Message from MLA Tanya Fir

  • Message from Councillor Shane Keating


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