About Us

Riverbend Community Association

The RCA is a volunteer based non-profit organization. Our mission is to create a vibrant, active community and to encourage participation and spirit of belonging.

Riverbend Community Association provides the following programs and services to the residents of Riverbend:

  • Maintenance of the community centre and outdoor skating rink

  • Organizing community events that bring people together to meet one another and celebrate community successes

  • Recreation programs and activities

  • Organized Sports Programs

  • Facilitate community input into planning, development and environmental issues that affect the community such as building development, zoning, parks development and roadways

  • Provide updates and resources about safety and crime prevention

  • Maintain communication platforms: website, social media pages and printed Newsletter- Riverbend Review to keep community informed about all things Riverbend!

RCA is governed by the Board of Directors, which consists exclusively of Riverbend residents, is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The Board of Directors meet on the second Tuesday of each month.

Riverbend Community Association was founded on May 4, 1987.

Mission and Values


The Riverbend Community Association creates a vibrant, active community and encourages participation and a spirit of belonging.

Values - Riverbend Connects

Community Oriented : We put our community needs first and provide opportunities to bring community together

INtegrity: We are open, honest and responsible in our dealings with our community stakeholders and amongst ourselves

Nature: We value the proximity of green spaces, pathways and the river in our community

Engagement: We are committed to keeping our community informed about all things Riverbend, ensuring participation in programs, events and volunteer opportunities

Connection: We want to foster positive, supportive connections for our community members

Teamwork : We work together to support our community stakeholders, and to address community concerns

Sustainability: We take care of our resources responsibly to ensure they can benefit future generations

New Branding

Riverbend Community Association had the same logo and no branding for over 30 years! Given the transformational changes to both the organization and the Riverbend community in the recent years, we are very excited to introduce new branding and the new logo.

We cannot wait until you see our brand new Spirit Gear online store. You can order countless items and customize the design in an unlimited number of ways. Let’s all show how we LOVE Riverbend!

New Year, New Look for Riverbend Community Association

Calgary - The Riverbend Community Association (RCA) is starting the New Year by launching a new logo and branding standards. The new logo and branding incorporate the natural elements of Riverbend, including the Bow River, pathways, trees and green spaces and their connections with our community. The playful logo also has a bit of an optical illusion as the three pine trees can also be viewed as houses.

“We are really excited about our new logo. It’s been over 30 years since the RCA updated its branding, and we felt it was time to modernize and freshen up our look. We believe the new logo illustrates who we are, what we stand for, and how far we’ve come. In many ways, the fresh look is a chance to celebrate new beginnings and past successes. We hope the new logo is a source of pride for our community. We wanted to start 2021 by sharing what we believe is a feel-good story.” Olga Maciejewski, President (Volunteer), Riverbend Community Association

In recent years the association has had many transformational changes, including improving our financial standing, modernizing our outreach with social media, increasing membership, and many repairs and upgrades to the Riverbend Community Centre. The new logo is an exciting way to mark a new beginning for both Riverbend as a community and the Riverbend Community Association. We have worked tirelessly to modernize RCA, and with a fresh new look, we go into 2021 with great momentum to continue improving our association and our community. We’ve accomplished so much thanks to our high functioning team of committed volunteers; we believe RCA is on the right path for the years to come.

RCA by-laws

RCA Bylaws 2020.pdf