Caring for Our Community

Reporting to 311

Contacting 311 via phone or mobile app is the best way to report concerns, request services or ask questions.

If you can see, smell, or hear it and it’s a concern to you, or you just want an answer to a question about a City service, you can report it to 311.

The more residents who report things they see in their neighborhood that need to be resolved, the more data it gives The City of Calgary so that they can make sure that the right amount of resources are being provided in our neighborhood.

• Reporting potholes, noise concerns, or graffiti

• Reporting bylaw infractions and illegal dumping

• Finding out locations for recreational activities

• Requesting noise barriers

• Requesting traffic studies and handicap parking signs

311 Report on concerns reported by Ward 12 residents can be found here

We are working with 311 on developing a Riverbend specific report, which will be posted as soon as it is available

By-law standards

18th Street Fences

It is the home owners responsibility to maintain fencing which helps our community maintain its character. To ensure consistent look of the community a color Riverbend Titanic Grey has been selected for painting of fences. This color can be obtained at the Riverbend Hardware and General Store (located in the Riverbend Centre: Unit 330, 8338 18 St SE ).

Property owners are required to maintain their fences in good condition as per the City bylaw. Fines can be up to $300.

Good Neighbor Guide

City of Calgary has developed a Good Neighbour Practices Reference Guide that provides an overview of municipal bylaws governing neighbourhood issues to advise residents, business owners and service providers of their rights and responsibilities as members of their community

Responsible Pet Ownership

Riverbend has many parks and pathways and it is important for pet owners to be aware of Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw 23M2006 to ensure everyone is able to enjoy our beautiful spaces. Below are some City of Calgary resources on the topic. Violations of the bylaw should be reported by calling 311.

City of Calgary is recruiting volunteers for Off-leash Ambassador Program to promote responsible pet ownership. More details

Responsible Pet Ownership Version 2.pdf
17-01171849 Responsible pet ownership posters-LoRes2.pdf
17-01171849 Responsible pet ownership posters-LoRes1.pdf


Enhanced Landscape Maintenance (ELM) is a common program offered by the CIty of Calgary that communities can participate in. Funding through ELM program allows communities to have direct control of all services it provides including more frequent mowing of medians and parks, flower planting or winter features, tree and shrub maintenance, spring and fall cleanups, and even irrigation. Under an ELM, the community is responsible for standard levels of service (funded through an operating grant) and additional enhancements. The ELM program is funded through an additional tax on each property owner’s property tax assessment.

Our neighbours in DouglasQuarry Community Association participate in ELM. The residents of Douglas Glen (about 1,000 households) pay an extra $59.13 per year (less than $5 per month).

More information can be found at and search ‘ELM’.

In order to proceed with the ELM program for Riverbend the following is required:

  • strong volunteer Lead to take on coordination of the campaign and petition

  • campaign process needs to be designed so community members can decide what types of landscaping services they want to support with additional fees

  • petition process requires collecting signatures from homeowners in person

  • 67% of Riverbend property owners would have to vote in favour

  • once ELM program is in place a strong team of volunteers would be required to oversee and manage ALL landscaping contracts for the community