Community Beautification

Community Beautification has been rated as the most important item by the Riverbend residents during Community Engagement Survey conducted in March 2021.

Projects and ideas that we heard about from the community were classified according to the cost and effort required as illustrated on the graphic. Please see more details for each item below.

All the ideas presented need passionate individuals to spearhead them and make our community more beautiful. If you are interested or know someone who would, please submit an expression of interest via our website on our volunteering page.

Projects in Progress

In spring, we reached out to 93 residents with 18th Street fences with an information letter, encouraging them to paint their fences, offering assistance and suggesting they may want to work together to lower their costs. We received 22 responses.

The City of Calgary crew has repaired the broken boards on the east side of 18th Street.

We reached Telus via Twitter and they fixed and repainted their fence that was in poor condition

According to our informal estimate, approximately 16 out of 42 fences that required painting have been painted this year. That’s good progress!

Special thanks to a group of residents on Riverwood Circle who worked together and painted 7 fences in a row!

We want to thank everyone who worked on refreshing their fence this year.

We are working with Calgary Parks and Roads (and possibly some local developers) on how best to tackle landscaping on 18th Street

We will need to secure funding to make any landscaping upgrades

We require a few volunteers to help with these projects

Please contact with any feedback or ideas on this issue.

All-Season Rink Makeover Project

27 Riverbend Drive Playground

Ideas for consideration

Spray Park

  • Major project, estimated cost $0.5-1M

  • Would need to be located on RCA property and there is no space for it [there are only 2 City owned and operated spray parks]

  • Ongoing operating and maintenance costs would be RCA’s responsibility, which is not something we could ever afford

  • Cost of RCA liability insurance would skyrocket, which is again not something we could afford

  • Overall, it is not a feasible idea for Riverbend

Welcome to ‘Riverbend’ sign(s)

  • At the entrance to the community from Glenmore going south and from Quarry Park going north

  • Major project

  • Key actions:

    • Negotiate and secure permissions for land use with City of Calgary

    • Engage community with sign design

    • Obtain quotes

    • Secure funding by applying for grants

    • Oversee construction

    • If signs had electricity connections, funding to cover these ongoing costs would also need to be secured

  • Volunteer required to lead this work

  • Funding required to support this work

Playground in Carburn Park

  • The playground in Carburn Park has not been replaced after 2013 flood

  • a community resident contacted us to let us know that he started pursuing the idea of bringing the playground back to Carburn Park

  • City of Calgary Parks endorsement will be required

  • Funding will also be required

Painting of Utility Boxes

  • Cost is ~$1500 per box

  • Key actions:

    • Engaging artist(s)

    • Conceptual drawings acceptance

    • Painting of the boxes

  • City of Calgary only allows utility boxes close to the main streets to be painted

  • There are 4 boxes by 18th Street that would be eligible

  • Volunteer is required to lead this work

  • Funding is required to support this work

Garbage Can Wraps

  • Cost is ~$500 each

  • City of Calgary has lots of pre-made designs to choose from

  • Key actions:

    • decide on locations (35 total excluding Carburn Park)

    • secure funding

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

  • Cost is ~$25,000

  • The easiest approach would be to squeeze outdoor gym equipment within RCA property boundaries

  • Other locations need to be negotiated with City of Calgary Parks; they tend to be hesitant as they do not want to assume ongoing maintenance and repairs

  • Key actions:

    • Determine design and location within RCA property boundaries

    • Solicit quotations from vendors

    • Apply for grants to secure funding

  • Volunteer is required to lead this work

  • Funding is required to support this work