AGM 2018

AGM Success - Tuesday Nov 6, 2018 (6:45PM-8:30PM)

Thank you everyone for attending our Annual General Meeting that was held on November 6th! We had 53 members and families attend which was a fantastic turnout.Meeting was focused on the formal agenda and elections of the Board of Directors. Our membership voted in:

  • Christina Matisons - President,

  • Olga Maciejewski - Director Communications,

  • Elise Rowland- Director of Community Playgrounds,

  • Ryan Munday - Director at Large,

  • Ken Schultz - Director at Large

and retaining current positions - Walter Janzen - Treasurer, Allison Adair - Director at Large, Denise Dodds - Director at Large

We also farewelled Douglas Ratke who has made an outstanding contribution to RCA over his years on the Board and as an avid volunteer.

Our next meeting, in Feb 2019, will be focused on community updates and we will have an open forum discussion about community issues. Ward 12 and City of Calgary representatives will be in attendance.

Riverbend Community Association is very excited about the new leadership and a new vison for the future:

  • renewed focus on our mission and vision

  • new board structure defined by results and not by traditional roles that have no alignment to our vision

  • engaging volunteers with community events and activities

  • take a different approach to the budget and better plan for repairs and upgrades of the building to ensure that it remains a central hub of our community

  • continue to introduce technology to streamline and automate processes to cut down on expenses

  • Build community engagement to understand issues that matter to our residents

We are in a very difficult spot financially. We will need the community to rise up and support the RCA with volunteering, gifts of service, trades etc. There's a great deal of work ahead, but also a new hope for the better future.