Annual General Meetings

AGM - Tuesday November 17, 2020 (6:45PM-8:30PM)

Agenda and key document: posted below (your browser must allow pop ups for the files to open up)

Agenda and Supporting Documents

2020-11-17 - RCA AGM Agenda.docx (2).pdf
RCA_BYLAWS_REV_2020 -with virtual meetings added.pdf
2019-20 Annual Report.pdf
2019-11-19 Minutes AGM.pdf

Thank you everyone for attending our Annual General Meeting that was held on Nov. 17! We had a great turnout both in-person and virtually!

Below are some of the highlights from the meeting:

President Christina Matisons opened the meeting and and thanked everyone for attending in person and by joining the virtual option via Facebook Live. President introduced Board of Directors, key volunteers and staff as well as guests from the City of Calgary, Ward 12 office and Calgary Police Service. Christina thanked outgoing volunteers and staff: Michael Baker, Walter Janzen , James LaHaye and Brian Lochhead for all their hard work and commitment to RCA.

The incoming treasurer Stuart Russel-Gibson presented a summary of the 2019-20 audited financial statements. In terms of capital assets, community centre building was constructed in 1991 and the original value has fully depreciated. This year we were able to add $190K value to the building by completing more renovations. RCA financial position is more stable compared to previous years. However, cost reductions and revenue increases must continue to be the focus.

President Christina Matisons presented an amendment to our newly revised bylaws which will allow us to hold meetings virtually in the future . This option will allow us to be more flexible during the global COVID19 pandemic. Please see the Revised bylaws document with annotations detailing the revisions. A special resolution motion to accept the new bylaws was approved. A special resolution form will be filed with Alberta Registries.

Next, Olga Maciejewski was voted in a new President and Christina Matisons, Stuart Russell- Gibson , Ken Schultz, Jason Morton, Pat Medhurst, and Natalia Gonzalez were voted in as Directors at Large for a two year term.

The new President, Olga Maciejewski presented Riverbend Community Association Annual Report. Annual Report is based on the Strategic Plan, which consists of two pillars: community engagement and organizational effectiveness.

The main goals of the community engagement pillar include:

  • building awareness through communications

  • increasing participation in programs and events

  • engaging volunteers

  • community beautification

Key accomplishments over 2019-20 fiscal year in building awareness include: launching new social media platform Instagram with current audience of 450+ followers, expanding audience and engagement on Facebook (1500+ followers) and Twitter (700+ followers), expanding number of email newsletter subscribers (700+), and recruiting 2 new volunteers to join the Communications Team to support ongoing activities to keep the community informed about all things Riverbend!

Key actions for 2021-22 include: facilitating Community Engagement Survey to find out what is important to our community so we can align our activities in the future, implementing new branding including new logo (get ready for a big reveal coming up in January 2021!), and developing new promotional materials.

Key accomplishments over 2019-20 fiscal year in increasing participation in programs and events worth highlighting include: partnering with 77 East Glenmore Scouts and Riverbend School Council to organized a very successful Riverbend Fall Fair (Nov 2019) that was attended by 581 people and where all vendor tables were sold out; partnering with Riverbend Girl Guides who organized very successful Children’s Christmas Party (Dec 2019) that was attended by 200 people, offering various fitness programs (Dance Fitness, Yoga, Piyo) and knitting program in fall 2019/ winter 2020 that were well subscribed and attended thanks to easy to use online registration system , partnering with community members to run Riverbend Book Club. Unfortunately due to COVID19 global pandemic we are not able to offer our typical programs and events but our innovative board team has come up with several 'pandemic friendly' ideas for the future.

Key actions for 2021-22 include: coordinate painting of various stencils on pathways throughout the community in Spring 2021, grow participation in Neighbour’s Day activities throughout the community, recruit a Lead to bring back ‘Outdoor Spaces Competition’ event.

We also reviewed membership numbers over the last two fiscal years. Even though the total number of memberships in 2019-20 was slightly lower than in 2018-19, we need to keep in mind that due to COVID19 pandemic RCA Softball league and Kids Summer Soccer, programs that typically generate a large number of memberships, were cancelled. Moving forward, we would like to reach out to local business to expand member benefits and support ‘buy local’ campaign at the same time.

In terms of increasing participation via partnerships, key accomplishments over 2019-20 fiscal year included: creation of a partnership promotional package, partnering with Riverbend Station for member recognition event (Sept 28, 2019), partnering with Ricky’s Pub and Grill to host Christmas party for staff and volunteers in Dec 2019, and partnering with Kelly Szott Photography to promote free family porchtraits during pandemic lockdown. Key action for 2021-22 include reaching out to local business to expand member benefits and support ‘buy local’ campaign at the same time by offering support with communication and marketing.

Key accomplishments over 2019-20 fiscal year in engaging volunteers included: implementing new comprehensive volunteer management system (Better Impact), developing online volunteer orientation modules (integrated in Better Impact); recruiting 22 volunteers for Casino Fundraiser in spring 2020 (which was cancelled during COVID19 pandemic) and recruiting another 24 volunteers in the fall and running successful volunteer recruitment campaign in the summer that resulted in three new directors joining the board. With the new Director, Volunteer Resources -Natalia Gonzalez we want to focus on expanding our volunteer program by establishing regular volunteer engagement practices such as volunteer recognition event, thank you messages, etc.

Moving forward we want to focus more on community beautification activities. The new Director, Community Beautification -Pat Medhurst will be working on the plan on how to improve median and fences along 18th street. Jason Morton, Director, Community Playgrounds will begin work on engaging community with the design of natural playground to replace the Riverbend Gate 1988 original. We will also work on secure funding for garbage can wraps and painting of electrical boxes throughout the community.

The two goals of the organizational effectiveness pillar are:

  • increasing revenues/ decreasing expenses

  • ensuring long-term organizational & building sustainability

Key accomplishments over 2019-20 fiscal year in finance included: negotiated new rental agreements with all tenants, formalized all service contract agreements, implemented new online accounting systems and processes- all data is available at our fingertips on our phones, reengineered chart of accounts, was able to adhere to conservative budget that included several spending reductions, was able to designate substantial amount of Casino funding towards facility improvement projects (instead of using it towards balancing operational budget), secured $15,000+ in donations, secured $12,000+ in grant funding, recruited new Treasurer and a new Bookkeeper. Also worth highlighting is that based on many criteria such as fiscal stability, organizational effectiveness and transparency, City of Calgary has changed our annual ranking from ‘HIGH RISK’ to ‘LOW RISK’ for the first time since 2014! From the City of Calgary: "This group has turned their financial situation around drastically. All financial thresholds are met for their fiscal 2019 and the group is out of the "high risk" zone for the first time since 2014."

Key accomplishments over 2019-20 fiscal year in board governance included: revising by-laws (first time since 2011), developing comprehensive online board volunteer orientation modules (integrated in Better Impact), developing succession plan for key departing executive positions (President and Treasurer).

Key actions for 2021-22 include: recruit board Secretary and Vice President to re-establish highly functioning Executive Team and formalizing policies and procedures

We spent an incredible amount of time and energy on spaces and facilities. Key accomplishments over 2019-20 fiscal year included: replaced furniture, replaced flooring, coordinated relocation of Little Steps to the lower level, partnered with Little Steps to renovate lower level, implemented regular tenant communication: Tenant Connection newsletter and tenant dedicated website, hired professional cleaning contractor to ensure professional cleanliness level of the facility, closed $400,000 HVAC replacement + external improvements project, replaced fire panel and other fire monitoring system components to ensure full fire code compliance, replaced original, high energy consuming walk in cooler and dishwasher with new commercial grade, energy efficient appliances, implemented new security system with new cameras; we can see the facility on the app on our phones, implemented new electronic system for locks for all external and internal doors replacing disparate systems of keys, cards and codes and entered into partnership with Mission Hill Church supporting building maintenance. Please see our website for more details and photos:

Key actions for 2021-22 include: secure funding and coordinate Hockey Rink Makeover and keep up with Lifecycle Report items as per the new 2020-25 report

We also spend a lot of time adjusting our operations during pandemic this year. We implemented comprehensive risk mitigation plans during COVID19 lockdown (March-June 2020) and developed comprehensive re-opening plans to ensure shared community space is safe for all users. Our key action for 2021-22 is to increase automation of rental booking processes.

There were no reports from guests and no new business from the floor. Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.

Please see below for the presentation slides and Facebook Live recording

AGM-Nov 17, 2020.pdf

Meeting starts about 5 minutes into the recording if you want to fast forward :)