Neighbour Day

WHERE: Your Street

WHEN: Saturday, June 19th


Neighbour Day started in June 2014 to celebrate the incredible outpouring of support and generosity neighbours demonstrated after the 2013 floods. We want to continue to celebrate one of the things that makes Calgary such a great city — our strong and caring communities. This year, Neighbours Day takes place on Sat, June 19. See below for Covid19 safe ideas on how to be neighbourly and spread our strong community spirit

COVID19 Safe Ideas to celebrate Neighbours Day

Between a Rock and a Hard Place -Amazing Race style hunt looking for larger painted rocks that get hidden around the street. Each rock has a clue with directions on where to find the next rock and each has a letter on it. Once all rocks are found and the letters are unscrambled, it spells a word to enter for a prize.

Roaming Gnome: One person buys a gnome. The rules of the gnome get attached to it…rules like the gnome can only travel on certain days, so if you get the gnome on your porch it has to stay there until a travel day at which time you have to sneak and put it on someone else’s porch. You could take picture with it and post on FB page and even put outfits on it.

Selfie Booth: Decorate a picture frame and take pictures with it and post on community FB page

Mini Golf Tournament: Households are encouraged to create a hole for mini golf and then neighbours bring their own ball and their own putter to play mini golf around their block. By the time you get around the street you may have played 10-12 holes of mini golf, but different people have created each hole.

Art Walk: Households are encouraged to make and display their art on their front yards for a walking art tour.

Travelling Talent Show: Neighbours do a little parade around the street to see or hear each other’s’ talents. Examples may include: intricate chalk drawings on your driveway, play your favorite instrument, kids can do skateboard tricks, skipping, trampoline stunts etc., show off your arts and crafts, recite your poetry

Neighbours Picnic: Everyone on the street is invited to have a picnic on their front lawn at agreed upon time

Decorator's Dream: Decorate your fence, windows or patio; walk around your street to admire everyone's decorations

Other ideas at City of Calgary website:

Neighbour Day 2021-invite template

To print off the template with 2 copies of the invite per page, make sure to adjust your printing setting to '2 pages per sheet'


Use the Neighbour Card to collect your Neighbour's contact info