Ecco Recycling Details

Free Monthly Disposal

This is limited to a pickup truck with or without an attached trailer, to a maximum of 330 kg, regardless of the type of material.

Waste materials must adhere to ECCO’s Acceptable Waste list, as outlined on our website at

Some examples of Acceptable Materials include: shingles, wood, cardboard and construction/demolition waste, old furniture and fencing.

ECCO does not accept organics, clean fill (without an approved soil analysis report), no hazardous waste (e.g. no paint cans, liquid waste, etc.), and no asbestos contaminated materials.

If it is an appliance you would like to dispose of, ECCO will only accept one appliance (or a washer/dryer pair) for the free load. Additional appliances are subject to the $30/appliance fee and any appliances containing Freon, such as a fridge or freezer, are subject to a $30 Freon.

Minimum fee

C & D material – 330 kg

Drywall –1000 kg

Mix wood – 650 kg

Shingles – 1000 kg

Concrete – 1100 kg

Clean Wood – NO MIN.

Maximum kg

then its $ 120.00/Tonne

then its $ 73.50/Tonne

then its $ 60.00/Tonne

then its $ 68.50/Tonne

then its $ 35.00/Tonne



The benefit will be honoured upon demonstration of RCA Membership card confirming valid (non-expired) RCA Membership status. Present at Scalehouse window in order to receive the free load.