Riverbend Playgrounds

  1. RIV 846 6 Riverside Cl. S.E. (2017- Rated as Excellent)

  2. RIV 861 99 Riverglen Way S.E. (2011- Rated as Good)

  3. RIV 866 9 Riverwood Ci. S.E. (2015 -Rated as Good)

  4. RIV 875 37 Riverwood Cr. S.E. (2010- Rated as Fair)

  5. RIV 883 84 River Rock Rd. S.E. (1992- Rated as Fair)

  6. RIV 886 35 Rivercrest Cr. S.E. (1993- Fair)

  7. RIV 884- 44 River Rock Manor SE (1993 -Partly removed and supplemented with used equipment; remainder rated as Fair)

  8. RIV 880 -181 Riverview Circle SE (replaced in 2019)

  9. RIV 843 15 Riverbirch Road SE (2011- Fair)

  10. RIV 844 -27 Riverbend Drive SE (1988- Rated as Fair)

Playgrounds Taskforce Update

In 2019 a dedicated group of volunteers formed a Playgrounds Taskforce. They assessed all community playgrounds in Riverbend, prepared a report and recommendations for each playground. The information was presented during 2019 AGM as well is available below.

Since then, a brand new playground at Riverview Circle was put in place and upgrades were completed to the Riverrock Manor playground in 2019. In addition, both Riverbend schools have replaced their playgrounds in 2020.

One of the recommendations from the report, was to replace the original playground on 27 Riverbend Drive from 1988 with the natural playground to introduce more variety in our community. Most recently a small group of interested parents under the leadership of Jason Morton started discussing the design of the proposed natural playground. Next, they will be contacting City of Calgary approved natural playground vendors to obtain quotes. The City of Calgary has committed some funding and we plan to apply for grants in early 2022 for supplemental funds. The target is to have the playground replaced later in 2022.

RCA Playground Planning.update.November.2019.pptx