Annual General Meetings

AGM -Tuesday November 19, 2019 (6:45PM-8:30PM)

Agenda and key documents: will be posted below soon!

AGM -Tuesday June 4, 2019 (6:45PM-8:30PM)

Agenda and key documents: posted below (your browser must allow pop ups for the files to open up)

2019-06-04 - RCA AGM Agenda.pdf
2018_11_06 AGM Minutes.pdf
Audited Financial Statements Riverbend Fiscal 2017-2018.pdf
RCA Strategic Plan 2019-2021.pdf

Thank you everyone for attending our Annual General Meeting that was held on June 4th! About 70 community residents - 26 of which were members - turned out to hear about the Board of Directors’ Strategic plan as well as updates on community engagement and organization.

Below are some of the highlights from the meeting:

Treasurer Walter Janzen presented Audited Financial Statements for 2017-18 as well as the summary of the most recent financials. Overall the RCA is doing better than last year but there is a lot of work required to ensure the positive trend continues.

President Christina Matisons and VP Communications, Olga Maciejewski presented the RCA Strategic Plan 2019-21 with a focus on community engagement that aims to build awareness, increase participation and engage volunteers. Another critical focus is on organizational effectiveness such as more efficient internal processes, examining finances with a goal to increase revenue and decrease spending to ensure a long-term sustainability of the organization and the building.

Communications is a big part of community engagement. We’ve increased our Facebook audience by 22% and have included a cover photo contest and local profile feature dubbed “Our People, Our Community” in the RIverbend Review newsletter. Future plans include a new community logo and branding, and an Instagram account and campaign.

Community Advocacy saw a positive with the recruitment of a Director of Playgrounds, Jason Morton who has been working closely with the City to ensure the older playgrounds are replaced, not just removed. The City will be replacing the playground near Riverview Circle sometime this summer. They’ll be replacing the aging slide, swing and play structure with a new modern play structure. The City has also committed to making short term changes to the River Rock Manor park. In the coming weeks they will be replacing the aging wood on the picnic table, and benches. They’ll also freshen up the yellow lines on the biking trails. In fall 2019 they’ll install used playground equipment (they’ll collect over summer) in the areas of the park that currently remain empty.

Riverbend School Council representative, Celina Greer updated on the Riverbend School Playground that will be torn down in 2020. The group is in the middle of fundraising and grant applications and is looking for help. The fundraising group is now a part of the Park Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps improve public spaces. Read more details on their website.

High level overview of the Enhanced Landscaping Management program which could help beautify our neighborhood was shared. The RCA is hoping to recruit a volunteer to lead the ELM program to fruition. You can find more details about the ELM program on City of Calgary website

After identifying some gaps, the RCA has seen an increase and variety in programs and events . The skating rink had a great season this past winter and saw more usage than it has in quite some time. Several new programs introduced include Nordic Pole Walking, Knitting, and several summer programs such as kids soccer, mobile skate park, lawn chair theater and the City’s Stay and Play. Riverbend will also host to 4 summer camps including ball hockey, theater, dungeons and dragons, and Mission Hill Church. RCA is recruiting a Director for Program and Events as well as Event Leads.

Secretary Heather Kolesar has also taken on the role of Director of Membership which saw an increase by 20%. Residents can now sign up with the new online platform. Expansion of membership benefits continues to be a focus. Heather has been in contact with current members for feedback and ideas and encouraged others to get in touch.

The RCA is looking for Director -Volunteer Resources to help enhance the volunteer program. Always looking for more people to help out!

President Christina Matisons presented on the Executive Committee and Board accomplishments and future goals. The past year saw the Board recommit the the RCA mission, vision and values as well as developed the Strategic Plan for 2019-21. A Team Structure was implemented and a new Community Coordinator was hired. Future plans include the continuation of the Team Structure as well as the revision of the by-laws.

From a finance and funding point of view, the RCA plans to ensure steady grant funding, which has not been the case in the past.

From the Facilities team, Directors Ken Schultz and Mike Hall spoke to the updates on the building. The team was able to secure $300K in funding. Four of five HVAC units have been replaced, fire alarm panel will be replaced and the parking lot and curbs are being paved. A walk through of the building allowed the team to draw up a list of items to address that will hopefully help increase the rentability of the hall. Planning to address the recommendations of the Energy Efficiency Audit including replacing the dishwasher, cooler and other items.

Current Board Members were re-elected for a two-year term.

In new business, three representatives from Calgary Transit were present to address questions about new changes to the local bus route 75.

Once the meeting adjourned, attendees were able to look at poster boards set up around the room with info on several topics of interest including playgrounds, traffic, volunteering, membership, the ELM program and more. as well as enjoy wine and cheese and chat with their neighbors, volunteers, City, Ward 12 and Tanya Fir office representatives.

AGM Success -Tuesday Nov 6, 2018 (6:45PM-8:30PM)

Thank you everyone for attending our Annual General Meeting that was held on November 6th! We had 53 members and families attend which was a fantastic turnout.Meeting was focused on the formal agenda and elections of the Board of Directors. Our membership voted in:

  • Christina Matisons - President,
  • Olga Maciejewski - Director Communications,
  • Elise Rowland- Director of Community Playgrounds,
  • Ryan Munday - Director at Large,
  • Ken Schultz - Director at Large

and retaining current positions - Walter Janzen - Treasurer, Allison Adair - Director at Large, Denise Dodds - Director at Large

We also farewelled Douglas Ratke who has made an outstanding contribution to RCA over his years on the Board and as an avid volunteer.

Our next meeting, in Feb 2019, will be focused on community updates and we will have an open forum discussion about community issues. Ward 12 and City of Calgary representatives will be in attendance.

Riverbend Community Association is very excited about the new leadership and a new vison for the future:

  • renewed focus on our mission and vision
  • new board structure defined by results and not by traditional roles that have no alignment to our vision
  • engaging volunteers with community events and activities
  • take a different approach to the budget and better plan for repairs and upgrades of the building to ensure that it remains a central hub of our community
  • continue to introduce technology to streamline and automate processes to cut down on expenses
  • Build community engagement to understand issues that matter to our residents

We are in a very difficult spot financially. We will need the community to rise up and support the RCA with volunteering, gifts of service, trades etc. There's a great deal of work ahead, but also a new hope for the better future.