Community Meetings

Community Meeting -Tuesday April 2, 2019 (6:45PM-8:30PM) RECAP

President-Christina Matisons

Traffic Updates

Thank you everyone for attending the Community Meeting that was held on April 2nd! We had over 40 attendees which was a fantastic turnout. Meeting was focused on updates about our community.

Guests: CPS, City, Ward 12, Tanya Fir- UPC candidate for Calgary Peigan, Cathie Williams -Catholic School board trustee, Celina Greer -Riverbend School council co-chair

President -Christina Matisons introduced guests and volunteers . Treasurer- Walter Janzen presented the financial report.

There was a question from the attendees about the chain link fence that was built on 18th Street by Glenmore interchange. The fence was built by the Transit department as part of the BRT project to prevent jaywalking. Riverbend residents have previously advocated for the removal of the previous chain link fence that became an eyesore due to extensive amounts of garbage getting caught. There has been no consultation with the community about the need for the fence. Request was submitted to Ward 12 office to follow up on this situation. We will share the details as they become available.

President introduced stations with info boards about: community playgrounds, traffic updates, safety & crime prevention, community programs and events as well as volunteer opportunities. She encouraged participants to grab food and drinks and mingle around the room and chat with volunteers about topics of interest.

Community Meeting -Tuesday Feb 5, 2019 (6:45PM-8:30PM) RECAP

Ward 12- Councillor Shane Keating

Riverbend School Principal- Mike Hebenton

RCA President- Christina Matisons explaining RCA financial situation

Riverbend community playgrounds and Riverbend School playground removal display

Thank you everyone for attending the Community Meeting that was held on February 5th! We had over 60 attendees which was a fantastic turnout. Meeting was focused on updates about our community.

  1. RCA Report

New President Christina Matisons introduced newest board members that were voted in at the AGM Nov. 6, 2018. Noted there is a vacancy for the Community Playground Director. Hoping to fill many volunteer positions that will help enhance the community at large. Strategic planning is underway to ensure the organization remains strong.

Walter Janzen - Treasurer updated on the financial audit - it was concerning. Looking at inefficiencies and better ways to balance income and expenses.

Ken Schultz - Director at Large, updated on HVAC and other capital projects: RCA received $300K in funding. Four of 5 HVAC units and fire alarm panel will be replaced. Parking lot will be resurfaced and sidewalks around the community centre will be repaired.

Tammie Best - VP Administration, provided updates about the community centre . There will be revisions to rental terms to provide more comprehensiveness and greater liability protection. We are working on implementing new online booking system to ensure a more efficient rental booking process. We are also in the midst of hiring a new Community Coordinator (staff position).

Heather Kolesar - Secretary, provided updates about memberships and volunteers. We want to focus on building in member benefits into all programs and events. Establishing a more formal volunteer program is a priority this year.

Olga Maciejewski - VP Communications, announced that new publisher has been secured for the Riverbend Review newsletter. In 2018 we increased our social media activity and have grown our audience from 630 to over 950 followers, which is over 30% increase. Priorities for 2019 include: branding, new logo and increasing community engagement.

Ryan Munday - Director at Large, spoke about upcoming events. 2019 event offerings will rely on volunteer leads and financial support. There will be no Community Clean Up event this year as we do not have an event lead. We are hoping to qualify for community mobile skate park. We will be looking for sponsorship for this event. We are rethinking Stampede Breakfast event -it will be more toned down this year to allow some of the money to go towards other events throughout the year. There is Family Skate event coming up on Sunday Feb 24 at Carburn Park skating rink 3pm-6pm.

Cst. John McKenzie - Community Liaison Officer, encouraged people to report any car prowling as it helps with data collection and therefore dispatch more patrols should data show need for it. Can report online. Please visit our Safety & Crime Prevention page for more info.

2. Playgrounds

John Merriman form Calgary Parks gave background on how parks are inspected and rated on a scale 1-5 to determine safety and whether replacement or removal is necessary. There are 10 standalone playgrounds in Riverbend, three of which have been rated “fair”, so they are older and functional but not pretty or “exciting”. Riverrock Manor playground will have a temporary smaller pieces installed until city can determine next steps. Playground in the SW corner of Riverbend, by Riverview Circle is slated to be replaced this year. RCA working on details of what it will look like. Please visit our Playgrounds page for more info.

Celina Greer - co-chair of Riverbend School Council. School playground could be removed as early as 2020 due to age and maintenance challenges. School council and REPS (parent fundraising group) have started working to raise funds for replacement. More details on their website:

3. Updates from guests:

Brandy Payne - MLA Calgary-Acadia, New riding for next election to be called Calgary-Peigan. BMO expansion to make it a “world class conference centre.” Funding for the Green Line project has been given.

Shane Keating - Councillor Ward 12, Property Tax Assessments have been mailed out, encouraged people to look it over to ensure details are correct. Calgary Awards are upcoming. Seton Rec Centre has opened. Proposed to build more public gardens to beautify the city. Traffic mitigation on 18th Street is ongoing. New signage at 24th and 18th should be up soon to encourage drivers to take 24th Street instead of cutting through 18th

Mike Hebenton - principal of Riverbend School. Riverbend School focus has been on building community- very grateful for being invited to the community meeting. School is 50% Riverbend kids and 50% Mahogany kids. There’s no timeline to build a Mahogany school. Currently about 80 kids away from school capacity.

Tanya Fir - UCP Calgary-Peigan candidate, provided info on her background. Has a full time job while campaigning.

Ronald Reinhold - Alberta Party Calgary- Peigan candidate, gave info on the party and background on its members.

Joe Pimlott - NDP Calgary- Peigan candidate, provided info on his background. Currently working full time while campaigning.

TUESDAY April 17, 2018 Meeting (7PM-9PM) RECAP

1. MP Tom Kmiec provided updates in writing prior to the meeting.

2. Representatives from Ward 12 Councillor Shane Keating provided updates:

  • Civic Census is underway. The deadline to submit your census online is next week and then door to door census collection will begin. It is much more cost efficient to complete the census online.
  • Traffic on 18th Street: The city is working toward options to reroute traffic to 24th street by placing additional lights on 18th street and the new Ogden/Glenmore interchange
  • Construction on 18th Street: Incomplete work, asphalt showing on the sidewalks. There is one permit that is still open to run an IT fibre line for the BRT stations. It is anticipated to be completed sometime in the summer.
  • Trees on 18th Street: Councillor Keating’s office reached out to Urban Forestry. and they were informed that medians are poor habitats for trees but UF will investigate the cause of the condition of the trees. It is unlikely that they will be replanted but there may be alternative methods to beautify the median
  • Upcoming stormwater system upgrade: Outfall located on the east bank of the Bow River at the end of the regional pathway between Riverview Circle S.E. and Quarry Way S.E. suffered damage during the 2013 flood and has been identified for repair. Construction is expected to take approximately two (2) weeks commencing the week of April 23, 2018. Work will be performed from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. The pathway adjacent to the outfall will remain open for the two (2) weeks duration, with temporary sign boards and flag persons monitoring pedestrian traffic and ensuring safety during equipment and material set up.

3. Updates from Schools:

Riverbend School:

  • Christina Matisons, Incoming VP Administration and Olga Maciejewski will be new alternating RCA Representatives on Riverbend School Council.
  • Riverbend School Book Drive is now on! Donate new and gently used books for children aged 0-8 until April 26th. Donated books are contributed to Calgary Reads Book Bank.
  • Fence Mural will be put up on the North chain-link fence in front of Riverbend School. This should be completed by June.
  • Kindergarten registration is now open. Parents are encouraged to register before school lets out in June.

Holy Angels School:

  • Sarah T, RCA Board of Directors Secretary is the new RCA Representative on the Holy Angels School Council.
  • Student Discovery Day – April 19, 2018

● Health & Wellness Fare – May 10, 2018

● Kindergarten registration is now open. Parents are encouraged to register before school lets out in June.

4. Safety & Crime Prevention

  • Discussion about recent concerns about car break ins and car prawlings -please review information on Safety & Crime Prevention page. Police is aware of these concerns.
  • Residents are advised to report any suspicious activity as well as lock their vehicles

5. Updates from Riverbend Community Association

  • Events planned for 2018
  • Two new board members: Christina Matisons – incoming VP Administrations and Allison Adair – Director Crime Prevention & Safety
  • Lots of opportunities to engage -see our Volunteer Opportunities page for more details
  • We lost two long term volunteers and community contributors- our most sincere condolences to the family of David Crutcher and Les Aasen
  • Roller Skating Program starting June 2nd on Saturdays from 9:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.

6. Updates from RCA Development & Planning Committee

  • Secondary Suites Council's vote from March 12th
  • Playgrounds: There are several parks listed as being in poor to fair condition and are at risk of being removed. We would like to take a look at all of the playgrounds in Riverbend and develop some ideas for how to best utilize the remaining playgrounds and what sort of replacement equipment we would like to see.

TUESDAY Feb 20, 2018 Meeting (7PM-9PM) RECAP

1. Representatives from MLA Brandy Payne (Associate Minister of Health), Ward 12 Councillor Shane Keating provided updates:

  • Green Line LRT
    • Councilor Keating is advocating to extend Stage 1 all the way to MacKenzie Towne station, which would benefit several surrounding communities in Ward 12
    • Stage 1 funding is all in place; bidding process will be starting soon
    • A report outlining what to expect in future stages of the project is due in March
  • 2017 Citizen Satisfaction Survey
  • Transportation

2. Calgary Board of Education Trustee Mike Bradshaw and Separate Board Trustee Cathie Williams also provided updates

3. Safety & Crime Prevention

  • Discussion about recent concerns about car break ins and car prawlings -please review information on Safety & Crime Prevention page

4. Updates from Riverbend Community Association

5. Updates from RCA Development & Planning Committee

  • President of Ecco Recycling -Alec McDougall provided updates about new honey program as well as planned facility changes due to Green Line LRT project. Landfill will be closing in 2024, materials recovery facility is extended until 2037. RV storage and Wood chip facility will be removed to make space for the QP Green line LRT station.
  • Sofina Chicken Processing plant is being relocated from Ramsay (under Lilydale ownership) to Dufferin North Industrial Park. New plan is built with state of the art equipment and there should not be any odour related concerns
  • New South Hill Community
  • River Rock Manor playground space -engaging community on ideas how to utilize this space.
  • Update on Secondary Suites Council's vote on March 12th
  • Changes to Shepard Landfill hours: Starting Feb. 5, 2018, the Spyhill and East Calgary sites will be open Monday - Saturday, 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The Shepard site will be closed to residential and commercial traffic. Industrial waste will be accepted from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Tuesday to Friday.
  • Discussed concerns about vehicles speeding while exiting Carburn Park. Discussing options on how to address this issue with the City.
  • Discussed concerns about dogs running off leash in green space between Riverbend School and Bow River pathway. Please review available Responsible Pet Ownership materials.
  • Riverbend School Fence Project- school is engaging the community to decorate the chain link fence- please see picture below